4G Rural Broadband In Pembrokeshire


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Welsh Government grant funding available: Find out more
Rural 4G Broadband Map Of West Wales

Always Fastest

Always Fastest

We're not tied to any particular network so we can connect you to the best, fastest available service to ensure you get great broadband wherever you are.

Best Price Guaranteed

Best Price Guaranteed

We'll get you the best possible price for your 4G broadband service. And we'll beat any other provider. Try us!

Unlimited For Everyone

Unlimited For Everyone

We'll make sure you've got unlimited data on your broadband service regardless of the network you'll be connected to. Some have a fair usage policy but nevertheless, it's unlimited!

EE 4G Broadband
Three 4G Broadband
Vodafone 4G Broadband
O2 4G Broadband

Commercial Broadband

Commercial 4G broadband connection at Haverfordwest Venue

Hybrid Broadband

4G hybrid broadband system at a property near Newport, North Pembrokeshire

Rural Broadband

4G broadband system at a rural property in Bethlehem near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

Camp Site Broadband

4G broadband system at a camp site near Narberth and Clunderwen, Pembrokeshire

Your Local 4G Broadband Installer

  • 4G Broadband Installation
  • Superfast Rural Broadband
  • Just About ANY Location
  • No Phone Line Required
  • Established Local Company

We aim to install your broadband within 7 days so you can get online and surfing at superfast speeds without waiting around.

You're Never Stuck

  • Advanced, reliable equipment
  • Steady, reliable connection
  • Works with ANY network
  • Switch provider easily

4G broadband works just like regular broadband except instead of plugging the router in to a telephone socket you'll be connected to a 4G mobile network. If the network fails you can easily switch to an alternative provider!

No Limits Or Caps
  • Faster 4G Network
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Stable, Continuous Connection
  • Reliable Service
  • Surf, Stream, Play & Work With NO Caps
Browse, surf and download, play games and work from home; as much as you like, day or night! When you choose Pembrokeshire PC you get unrestricted broadband as standard. 
PPC Wales Broadband Installer Van In Yard

Installing Broadband Since 2009

We provide specialist broadband installations to customers in Pembrokeshire, and across West Wales.

Our reputable and reliable service and equipment encourages word of mouth promotion which has seen us install 4G broadband for big and small businesses, restaurants, pubs, camp sites and holiday parks as well as homes and offices up and down the West Wales region.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. The experience gained over the years allows us to offer PPC Wales customers a service which cannot be paralleled. Paired with an aftersales service which guarantees a response when you need us,  a truly reliable 4G broadband system at your property 24/7.

Home 4G Broadband

4G broadband at a rural west wales home (Pembrokeshire)
Struggling to get a fast, reliable broadband connection at home? 4G broadband is the perfect solution. Fast 4G broadband will get you working, gaming, streaming and surfing online quickly.

Business 4G

Fast 4G Broadband Installed At A Rural Business Property
Ideal for rural businesses and farms, 4G broadband offers a faster, reliable connection for your rural business. Get more done with a speedy 4G internet connection.

Access Broadband Cymru

Get a grant for installation costs and receive broadband speeds of up to 90Mpbs.

Our fast 4G broadband installations are covered by the grant. If you qualify then you can get 100% of the installation cost covered and you'll only pay a monthly fee for the broadband service.

If you're interested in upgrading your home or business broadband to a faster 4G service using the grant then contact us today for more information: 01646 610 191.

The access broadband Cymru scheme is provided by the Welsh government and offers grants to households and businesses to cover the cost of an alternative broadband installation, where the new service provides a significant improvement in your broadband speeds.
Welsh Government 4G Broadband Grant
The broadband installation must provide you with at least double the speed you can currently receive, with a minimum speed of 10Mbps; e.g. if your landline broadband is 2Mbps, the grant will apply if the new speed is at least 10Mpbs OR if your existing broadband speed is 10Mpbs then your new broadband should be at least 20Mpbs.

Follow this link for full details: Access Broadband Cymru Grant Information
Grants are available for your home or business property and usually cover the entire cost of installation, as follows:
  • Up to £400 for 4G broadband speeds between 10Mbps & <30Mpbs
  • Up to £800 for 4G broadband speeds greater than 30Mpbs
In most cases we can provide customers with speeds greater than 30Mbps by using the latest and most advanced receiver equipment; So our customers are sure of super-fast 4G broadband with no financial outlay.


Are you ready to download at super-speed and stream without buffering? 
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What Is 4G Broadband?

  1. An antenna
  2. A sim card
  3. A cable
  4. A Wi-Fi router
4G broadband is an alternative solution to home or business broadband. By connecting to the mobile networks' fast 4G signal you get great broadband speeds in almost any location, no matter how rural.

The antenna is usually mounted high above the roof-line of the property to pick up the best possible signal. The antenna is then cabled to a router within the property to provide Wi-Fi and cabled connections to your devices.

With a professionally installed 4G antenna you can usually expect speeds from 10Mpbs up to over 100Mpbs (download), depending on the distance between you and the mast.

A sim card is installed which is what allows you to connect to the chosen 4G network, just like a mobile phone. The difference with 4G broadband is that you'll stay permanently connected to the network ready for anytime you need broadband.


  • Rural properties where landline broadband is limited
  • Remote businesses and farms
  • As a secondary or failover broadband service
  • As an alternative to regular broadband

Terms for a 4G rural broadband service include:

  1. 4G Broadband
  2. Rural broadband
  3. Faster rural broadband
  4. Fastest broadband in Pembrokeshire
  5. Fast broadband in West Wales
  6. Remote broadband
  7. Satellite broadband
  8. Mobile broadband for home
  9. Mobile broadband for business

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Our company provides superfast 4G rural broadband West Wales

Why Choose Us?


We only utilise nothing but premium and professional equipment for your 4G broadband system. We've teamed up with the UK's top 4G system suppliers to ensure you get the best possible equipment which matches your requirements and budget.

Our Service To You

We're so proud of the equipment that we install and the way we install it that we'll look after you for at least 12 months following the installation, free of charge.

A minimum 12 month installation warranty is included with every 4G broadband system, and that's on top of the manufacturer's equipment warranty.

This all means you're getting the very best possible system and service every time from Pembrokeshire PC.
4G Broadband Speed

The advantages of 4G broadband:

Faster broadband in rural locations in Pembrokeshire
Outstanding and expandable wifi coverage
Easy monthly payments, just like regular broadband
Constantly advancing and expanding networks
An ideal solution for a second broadband connection
Works just like normal broadband with increased speeds in rural and remote places


We'll visit you and quote for the installation of a 4G broadband connection. Call us today for your quotation.
Our 4G broadband installation provides you with everything you need to be up and running, on the same day that we install.

We'll provide the router, install the antenna and other equipment and demonstrate the system to you.

Our 4G broadband systems are future proof too, so when the service gets faster, your broadband will get faster with it.

*4G broadband requires a data sim card with monthly rental or pay-as-you-go terms. Prices for data sim cards start at £15 per month (for a limited data deal) and £34 per month for unlimited data. Sim card agreements are arranged via a 3rd party. These costs are in addition to the installation prices quoted by us. Additional terms and conditions apply. Contact us today for more information.