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Access Control In Pembrokeshire

Premium access control systems for any secure area

Simple, Powerful Access Control

With unique user accounts your access control system can monitor and manage each person's access by registering the time, date and location. All this information is stored alongside the username for reference.

Grant new permissions, cancel & re-issue lost fobs or revoke user access in a click

Fob/Keycard Access

Swipe the fob or keycard to grant unique access

Remote Control

Press the unlock button on the remote control to unlock/open

Code Access

use a unique code to unlock. Each user code can be unique

Mobile App

Use a mobile app to manage the unlocking/opening of the door or gate. Unique account for each user.
Access Control Installation In Pembrokeshire


Advanced equipment that is easy for you...

Once installed your access control system can be managed remotely by us or yourselves. Issuing access, revoking users and monitoring activity in real-time.

Use your access control to allow staff full access and customers limited access. Revoke access to unwanted persons and issue new access cards/codes/app accounts whenever needed.

What is access control?


Access control provides staff, customers and authorised people access to restricted areas without a key.

Ideal for gates, internal doors and restricted rooms or buildings, access control systems securely manage who can enter and when.

Access controlled areas are usually set to automatically close and lock behind the user so each person is required to have special access.

Ideally paired with a CCTV system and/or alarm, access control can provide property management with concise information about who is accessing an area and when. In addition, any person without permission has no access and will trigger an alarm or CCTV camera if they enter without authority.

Choose PPC Wales...

We install smart, secure equipment capable of being remotely managed and providing limited or unrestricted access to personnel according to their clearance.

We use professional branded equipment which can be monitored by you or any designated trusted person to ensure complete security 24 hours a day.

Hikvision Alarm Systems West Wales
Hikvision are a world leading manufacturer of security equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial security across the globe. Primarily UK based, the Hikvision group of companies designing a wide range of aware winning access control solutionsRead More.

We are an approved installer of Hikvision equipment in the UK.

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