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Intruder Alarm In Pembrokeshire
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We Install & Maintain Pyronix Alarms

Pyronix Alarms
Pyronix is a world leading manufacturer of intruder alarm equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial security. Primarily UK based, Pyronix is part of the Hikvision group of companies, designing a wide range of award winning wireless intruder alarm solutions. Read More.

Easy-To-Use Burglar Alarm Systems


If you're looking to secure your Pembrokeshire property then a burglar alarm is the obvious choice to deter intruders and notify the right people when the alarm is activated.

We use professional branded equipment which can be monitored by you or any designated trusted person to ensure complete security 24 hours a day.

A great way to protect your property and belongings, our modern and smart alarm systems are perfect for any household or commercial property. Alarm your doors, windows and areas within your property.

You can easily switch the alarm on and off with the press of a button or control and monitor your alarm from anywhere with an app on your smartphone.

Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Panel

The Panel

The alarm panel is mounted to an internal wall close to the primary entrance of your property and is the hub of your intruder alarm system.

The alarm panel connects to the mains power of your property and is backed up by a powerful, secure battery unit. This battery ensures the alarm continues to operate if mains power to the unit is cut for any reason - So your alarm is always working

Alarm Sensors & Accessories

Sensors & Accessories

Your intruder alarm system is installed to protect your property from every angle, using the latest, highest specification sensors,

Utilise wall or ceiling mounted "PIR" motion sensors, door contacts, window impact and smash sensors to protect the entire perimeter of your dwelling. Your alarm system is easily managed using the keypad on the alarm panel, remote control key-fobs and the mobile app.

Secure Your Property & Belongings

Complete Security

The Pyronix Enforcer alarm system is a professional, grade 2 alarm system which offers complete protection for your property, belongings and people

As a powerful deterrent to intruders and an effective response to break-ins, intrusions or emergency situations, this customer-friendly alarm system can be managed and monitored from your smartphone wherever an internet connection is available, through WiFi or mobile broadband.

Burglar Alarms Pembrokeshire

Protect Your Property & Belongings

Our alarms systems are really easy to use.

Once installed you can operate the alarm with the remote control key-fob or mobile phone app. Quickly activate or de-activate your alarm at the push of a button.

You can switch the alarm on or off, set it to night mode or press the panic button if there's an emergency. The alarm system can be configured to your preferences and we'll maintain it for you too.

Intruder Alarms In Pembrokeshire

We can provide your Pembrokeshire property with a complete home or business alarm system, installed and set up so your property is secured from day 1.

With motion sensors, door and window sensors and optional smart plugs to control your lights from anywhere, a wall bell-box to trigger an audible alarm as well as optional CCTV cameras and pet friendly sensors all from one alarm system.

Our alarms are easy to control and manage from a mobile app so you can stay in control and keep an eye on things from anywhere in the World.
Intruder alarm installation


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Burglar Alarms In Pembrokeshire

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Burglar Alarms For Businesses

Are you a business? We can provide you with our burglar alarm system too.

With over 10 years experience in intruder alarm systems and using only the latest technology, a business alarm system can be installed and set up at your commercial premises in Pembrokeshire quickly and without fuss.

Contact us to arrange a quote for your business intruder alarm.