Hybrid Broadband Systems In West Wales


Need a constant broadband connection? Can't rely on your landline? Need extra bandwidth?
Get a quote for a truly hybrid connection that keeps you online:

Superfast Broadband in Dyfed Map (West Wales)
4G broadband providing faster internet at a farm

We install and maintain your dual-connection

Hybrid Broadband is a term which describes 2 different types of broadband connections which have been merged to provide the user with a constant and stable connection.

By having 2 connections at once you gain by having:
1. A spare connection if one goes slow or offline
2. Extra bandwidth so you can upload and download more
3. The ability to control which devices (or which users) get the most bandwidth

At Home
Split the internet by demand - If you need to work while others in the house are streaming, gaming and browsing, allocate your work devices a dedicated chunk of your internet's bandwidth on the faster of your 2 connections. The remainder can be shared evenly between everyone else in the house.

Now everyone has an internet connection and you don't need to worry about your connection slowing down because of the demand of others.

At Work
Never Lose Connection - There are plenty of advantages to utilising hybrid broadband at the office. Primarily never losing connection is a huge advantage in business. If one of your connections fail, the 2nd broadband connection will take over allowing you to continue working without interuption.

You'll also benefit from...
1. Customisable bandwidth allocations for every user and/or device
2. Allocate devices to different connections - Priority devices connect to the faster broadband while other devices can connect to the secondary connection
3. Failover - Automatically switch from the failed broadband to the working connection without interruption, then fall-back when the failed connection comes back online.
4. All on one network - There's no need for multiple networks or Wi-Fi. Hybrid broadband is invisible and operates entirely in the background via specialist equipment.

Holiday Parks & Campsites
Stop sharing your connection - A Hybrid broadband service means you can continue sharing your Wi-Fi with your guests but without losing out on the speed of your broadband. Let your guests surf and stream via the secondary connection while you work on the primary connection without interruption.

Domestic 4G Broadband

4G broadband antenna on a farmyard building
If your home is struggling to get a fast, reliable broadband connection then 4G broadband is the perfect solution. With speeds from 15mb up to 80mb, depending on the signal quality in your location, The fast 4G broadband will allow you to surf, stream and download quickly and effortlessly.

Commercial 4G Broadband

Commercial 4G broadband receiver in Pembrokshire
Ideal for rural businesses and farms, 4G broadband offers a faster, reliable connection for your business broadband. Get more done with a speedy 4G internet connection which offers a better and more stable service than your landline connection.