CCTV, Alarms & Rural Broadband In Pembrokeshire

We come to you! Home & commercial installations for CCTV, alarms & rural 4G broadband

CCTV, alarms and 4G broadband in Pembrokeshire

Our 4G Broadband service covers Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire & West Wales and allows properties with no broadband or slow broadband to get a much better service.

By connecting to a 4G network, even where signal is very poor, you can get broadband speeds of up to 90Mbps with no limits. Find out more about 4G broadband.

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Security Systems

Security Systems
Our security system installation service provides CCTV and alarms for homes and commercial properties in Pembrokeshire & West Wales. Secure and protect your property, belongings and people with an intruder alarm or surveillance system operating 24 hours a day.

4G & Rural Broadband

Rural 4G Broadband & Wi-Fi
Our 4G broadband solutions are designed to significantly improve your broadband speed and reliability at any location.

Businesses, homes and holiday properties (including caravans) can all benefit from faster broadband from Pembrokeshire PC.
Pembrokshire PC
We're a CCTV, alarms and 4G rural broadband company based in Pembrokeshire and have over 15 years of professional experience in installing, upgrading, repairing and helping with your systems and security for homes and businesses.

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More Information

4G Broadband: Better Broadband For Rural Properties:

  • Improve your broadband with speeds up to 90Mbps & unlimited downloads
  • Just like landline broadband, except 4G broadband is usually MUCH faster
  • Connect your home, business or holiday property to a fast broadband and Wi-Fi


When we install 4G broadband at your property we install an antenna which is suitable for the signal available in the area. A router is then installed inside the property.

You can then connect your computers, tablets, phones, games consoles, TV's and other devices to the internet and use the high-speed connection with no limits!

We'll visit you to survey and expain what the installation will involve. We'll also work with you to make sure you're getting what you need at the best possible price.

Our installations are carefully planned and completed with care.

Once completed, we'll be available to assist you with the operation of your equipment and ensure you're getting the best from it all year round.

It's a personal service that we're proud of.

Your security is important and your internet connection needs to be reliable.

Our expertise means you can get fully networked CCTV, alarm systems and 4G broadband connected at your property, wherever you are.

We work with leading manufacturers to provide and install systems which solve security and connectivity problems for our customers in West Wales.

Based in Pembroke Dock, we are a local company with easy access to your Pembrokeshire home or business where we are fully trained and competant to install, manage, maintain and upgrade systems for you.

There's over 15 years of experience in security systems and networks here at Pembrokeshire PC so you can trust that you're choosing the right company with expertise in hand.