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CCTV In Pembroke

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Our CCTV installation service in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire means you can get your property secured with the latest cabled or wireless closed-circuit television systems by a local company quickly and professionally.

Wireless, analogue or digital IP; we can install a system in Pembroke that suits your budget, meets your requirements and matches your security system budget.

Home CCTV Systems From£399.00
Protect your property, belongings, vehicles and people with professional home CCTV
Commercial CCTV Systems From£550.00
Low maintenance, reliable commercial CCTV for your Pembrokeshire business premises


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We are a local, fully certified CCTV installation company based in Pembrokeshire and serving customers throughout West Wales.


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Why Choose Us?


We use premium and professional CCTV equipment from World leading brands including Hikvision and Uniview for your home or business CCTV system.
Having teamed up with the UK's top CCTV system suppliers we can ensure you get the best possible equipment which matches your requirements and budget. Perfect for every customer.

Our Service To You

We're proud of every single CCTV camera we install - It's not right until it's perfect. This makes it easy to guarantee our work for 3 years.

We are certified Hikvision installers in the UK. This certification demonstrates an expert understanding of the equipment and how to install and maintain Hikvision CCTV professionally for each and every customer.

As a result we provide every one of our Pembrokeshire CCTV customers and all West Wales customers with a comprehensive installation and equipment warranty.

We understand your requirement for CCTV and so we know it's important that it's working 24 hours a day to prevent and capture clear video footage. Not just a "wow" CCTV factor but also a reliable, well-installed and crystal clear camera system that works for you.

Call today for a free quote and help you secure your property, vehicles, belongings and boundaries with trustworthy, professional closed-circuit television.

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Domestic CCTV in Pembroke

Home CCTV Installation Pembroke
Our premium quality home CCTV installations are designed around your property and your requirements. So you get equipment you can trust keeping an around-the-clock eye on the property and belongings that mean most to you.

Commercial CCTV in Pembroke

Commercial & Business CCTV in Pembroke
Get CCTV to monitor and protect your business property, assets, staff and access points all around your commercial property in Pembroke. Our easy-to-manage security equipment means your business is protected 24 hours a day and your business is secure.
Support For Your CCTV System
We're an established and professional CCTV, security system and I.T. company based in South Pembrokeshire with over 10 years experience in the installation, upgrading, repairing and maintenance of cabled and wireless CCTV installations at homes and business proeprties.

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Our CCTV Systems Feature:

  • Megapixel IP Cameras for a clear image of your property & belongings
  • Long Recording Times so the footage is there to view for several weeks
  • Easy To Use CCTV Systems so that you can manage your camera system
  • Remote Monitoring And Playback - Watch footage from anywhere on phones and tablet PCs
  • Motion Detection & Smart Triggers - Know exactly what's happening when it happens
  • Mobile App - View, play-back and manage your CCTV easily and from anywhere with the mobile app


We'll visit you and quote for the installation of a CCTV system, wherever you are in Pembroke. Call us today for your quotation: 01646 610 191.


Our CCTV cameras can be installed to monitor your preferred locations anywhere around your home or business property, wherever you are in Pembrokeshire. As long as there's access to mains power nearby your system can be installed to monitor rooms, property boundaries, driveways, gardens, entrances and any vulnerable part of your property.


Our CCTV system installations ensure our customer's property's are secured, belongings are protected and activity is monitored on and around properties 24 hours a day.

CCTV Camera Installed In Pembroke

We provide a service to you, our customers. Whatever your requirements we are here to visit you and install CCTV to protect your property and simplify your monitoring of what goes on in and around your home or business.

Our closed-circuit television systems are fully digital and use the latest technology to make it easy for you to keep an eye on your valuables all day and night.


If you have a broadband connection then you can view your cameras on:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android phones and Android tablet computers
  • On a screen attached to your CCTV system's hub in your property


Being able to easily access your cameras from so many devices means that wherever you are in the World, as long as you have internet access you can view live camera footage and playback recorded footage on your mobile device.



If you have a property that needs protection from CCTV in Pembrokeshire then get in touch today for your quotation:
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CCTV in Pembrokeshire

We can install home or business CCTV in Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Haverfordwest, Neyland, Milford Haven, Saundersfoot, Tenby and Kilgetty. Our CCTV installations secure property and belongings as well as helping to protect people and provide evidence should there ever be an incident under the view of a CCTV camera.
Footage is recorded all the time or can be set to only record when motion is detected in view of the camera. The digital video recorder will save the footage and videos recorded from any camera will stay on the hard drive until the equipment is full - At which point the recorder will overwrite the oldest footage with the newest recordings. This ensures that you always have the most recent recordings available for download, backup or to play back.