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VoIP Business Phones In West Wales
Welsh business voip telephone solutions west wales

Call Routing

Greet your callers with a recorded message inviting them to select the correct person/department by pressing 1,2,3... Time saving for you and convenient for your customers.

Transfer Calls

At the push of a button you can transfer a call to another telephone on your system. No need to redial and no need to share phones between staff. It's a very professional touch.

Conference Calls

A digital VoIP phone system makes conference calling a breeze. Internal conferencing and dialling-in to calls from external lines is all available on your PPC phone system.

Mobile App

If you're on-the-go or worried about missing calls out of hours then the mobile app will save you. Receive calls to the office number on your mobile wherever you are. It works over mobile internet anywhere in the world.

Call Queues

No more engaged tone! Your callers will be placed in a queue so that you can answer the call as soon as a representative is available. Alternatively, offer the customer the chance to leave a voicemail and request a call back so they don't have to wait.


Every user on your telephone system can have a unique voicemail which is available via their telephone, through email or on any "softphone".

Desk Phones

We provide brand-new VoIP desk phones and portable handsets as part of the package. Every user on your phone system gets a suitable smart desk phone which is fully maintained by us.


Our range of deskphones are perfect for your everyday needs; Softphones give an extra edge. A softphone is software for your computer which integrates with CRM programs to give you a call-centre-like telephone solution.

We're doing amazing things and we want you to join in!

Our business is digital systems. We install, we provision, we maintain and we take care. That's why our customers stick with us.

And now local businesses can take advantage of a comprehensive telephony solution for their business. It's a modern digital phone service that's suits any business.

A VoIP phone system is a simple, powerful modern solution to the traditional telephone. The primary difference being that you no longer need a phone line to use VoIP. Your internet connection is all that's required.

We provide a telecom service to businesses in West Wales exclusively. Doing so enables us to keep everything running smoothly with a close relationship with all our customers. More importantly, if you need us we're never far away.

So if you're in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion then contact us to see how we can help you with your digital phone system.

Control Your Calls

Control Your Calls

Route inbound calls to specific phones, mobiles or recorded messages. Your customer's calls are important and your PPC phone system is smart. Together you're on the road to better customer retention and improved service.

Easy Management

Easy Management

You're no longer tethered to the wall. PPC VoIP phone systems allow your calls to go to your desk phone, your mobile, your computer or even to a trusted third party - You're in control making it easy to ensure you never miss a call.

Local Support

Local Support

With PPC Wales VoIP telephony you get more. We are here to manage your phone system for you. From making sure you're always online to diverting calls when you need to. On the phone, by email, at you're premises; we'll be there.



Your phone goes with you. Or not... Wherever you need your calls to be, that's where they'll go. Your phones can go abroad with you, or diverted to your colleague while you're away. A digital VoIP phone system works with you, anywhere.

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Providing digital phone systems since 2009

We provide VoIP digital phones to customers in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and all over the United Kingdom.

Our reputable and reliable service and equipment encourages word of mouth promotion which has seen us provide solutions for blue chip companies, multi-national manufacturers and domestic and small business customers throughout the region over 14+ years.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. The experience gained over the years allows us to offer PPC Wales customers a service which cannot be paralleled. Paired with an aftersales service which guarantees a response when you need us,  a truly reliable VoIP phone system at your property 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions: VoIP

What is VoIP?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), sometimes referred to as IP telephony, is a technology which delivers voice calls and voice communications over the internet.

Traditionally voice calls were routed over the copper "telephone line" which restricted it's use to a single location and in a single form. Upgrading to VoIP means the copper line is no longer needed and your calls become more flexible and managable over your internet connections.
Do I need broadband for VoIP to work?
How much does VoIP cost?
Do I need to sign a long term contact?
What if I move premises?
What add-ons are available?
Can I have phones at different sites?
Can I take my phone number out of the office?
Can I forward calls to another number?
Can I forward calls to a mobile phone?
Is there a limit to how many phone lines I can have?
Do I have to pay extra to make calls?
Do I have to pay to receive calls?
Can I have a call-centre setup?
Does this VoIP system integrate with CRMs?
Can I add more phones/lines later?
How long does it take to transfer my phones to you?


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