Most of the systems we install at PPC Wales are manufactured by Hikvision and so you'll be using this app to manage your surveillance system.

The Hik-Connect application is also used to manage our wireless alarm systems (AX Pro), video doorbells and most access control systems. If you have one or more of these systems installed at your premises then you'll probably need this app to manage your system.

You don't need to "add the device" to your app - We have already done this for you. Simply follow the instructions below to install and log in to your account where you can start accessing your security system straight away;


How do I download the Hik-Connect app?

You can download the Hik Connect app from the Apple App Store or from Android's Play Store;




The app can also be downloaded directly from Hikvision here:


Installation & Log-in Instructions:

Download PDF (downloads to your device)

PPC Branded Hik-Connect App

Open the app and follow the instructions below to sign in. You'll need these instructions the first time you install the app, and if/when you change to a new device.



The Hik-Connect app should only be downloaded from one of the sources listed above. Other websites or application stores may offer the app but it's not guaranteed to be genuine.

The Hik-Connect app is free to download - If you're offered a paid version it is likely not the genuine Hik-Connect app.