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PC Repair Services In Tenby


Our PC and laptop repair services in Tenby mean you can get your computer fixed quickly, professionally and locally.


Call us today: 01646 610 191


Our advanced, qualified computer repair agents will come to you in Tenby to ensure your computer, whether it's a PC or laptop is fully repaired, restored back to it's original speed or have data recovered which has accidentally been deleted or lost.



Call us today: 01646 610 191


We visit you to diagnose the problem and will attempt to repair it there and then. If for any reason this is not possible we will arrange to take the faulty item away for repair or return another time with the required parts and tools.



Call Out Charges & Other Costs


We will charge £35.00 per domestic call out (for commercial I.T. service costs please contact us) which includes a visit to your premises to diagnose and attempt to repair the fault.


Due to a high volume of contracted work we cannot currently accept any customer "drop off" at our premises and we are operating a call-out only service.



Additional fees may be incurred which we will discuss with you before proceeding. Reasons that additional fees may be charged include:

  • The repair taking longer than 30 minutes to complete
  • Additional parts being required to complete the repair
  • Specialist service being required to complete the repair


In most cases customer repairs are completed within 30 minutes for reasons such as emails not working, computer speed restoration, some file and folder recoveries and some virus removals.


Call us today to arrange a visit: 01646 610 191


Here in Tenby we can help you with:

  • Restore speed so your computer works like new again
  • Repair computers which have stopped working, for just about any reason
  • Source and install replacements parts and/or software
  • Data recovery and lost files and documents


Our services mean you no longer need to get frustrated when it comes to your computers. We're here to come and help you get it sorted quickly and professionally.


We'll visit you and get your PC or laptop back up and running using the best parts and software - So just when you think things are going wrong, give us a call or contact us online and we'll fix your computer at an affordable rate.


Broadband software and network help in Tenby


We can also assist you with:

  • Setting up broadband and wifi devices
  • Installing, setting up and using software
  • Fixing software which isn't working properly
  • Networking computers and document sharing systems

We are fully trained in all areas of the workings of computers, computer networks, websites and online activities and we're local. Your computer issues are what we're here to fix.


Not only that - We can also assist you with website design, getting found online and general technical support for all areas of your office.


Other services we provide:



PC & Laptop Fixed In Tenby


There are hundreds of different reasons why your PC or laptop might stop working properly or run very slowly. The problem can usually be narrowed down to either one of 2 categories:




Items of hardware within your PC are the physical components which make up the machine, like hard drives, disk drives, monitors or screens, disc drives or memory.

When these items fail or begin to fail your computer can start to run very slowly, certain things will stop working or your computer could fail completely.

Most of the time these individual hardware items can be replaced or upgraded to solve any issues they are causing.

We can visit you in Tenby to diagnose and repair hardware problems with your PC or laptop.



Software items are the non-physical parts of your computer like Windows, Office programs like Word or Excel, internet browsers and files and folders.

Some software is absolutely crucial to the correct functioning of your computer.

For example, if your computer runs on the Windows operating system then the Windows software needs to be running well all the time or your computer will malfunction and sometimes fail to switch on completely.

Other software can also cause unexpected problems to happen - Program files which become corrupt can cause your computer to crash and fail.

We are here to help you solve problems like hardware or software issues and can visit you at your location in Tenby to diagnose and repair such issues.


Warranty Repairs

If your hardware is still covered by a manufacturers warranty then we strongly recommend that you return the item for repairs wherever possible. Manufacturer warranties usually cover an item's manufacturer faults for 12 months however this may be longer depending on the manufacturing company. To find out more you should refer to the original manufacturers website or documentation which came with the product.

If you choose to continue with a repair by a third party like ourselves then the repair may void any remaining warranty you have on the product. We will explain this to you before proceeding with any repair or service.


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