4G Broadband Case Study: January/February 2021

4G broadband provisioning to a farm & holiday lets in a very poor signal location near Newchapel (Boncath area) on the Pembrokeshire/Ceredigion border.

The problem:

Existing telephone line broadband exists in the main dwelling, with a second separate connection in 3 holiday lets. Download speeds on both lines were below 10Mbps and upload speeds less than 1Mbps.

The customer and their guests would regularly find that the connection on the telephone line failed completely, allowing for no broadband at all. This was commonly during poor weather, as a result of poorly buried cabling up the line. This issue also affected neighbouring properties.


The brief:

Install a single 4G broadband connection which can provide superfast broadband speeds to all properties consistantly, regardless of weather conditions or overall occupancy of the properties.

The connection should be reliable for work, domestic use and for guests, and bandwidth across the holiday properties should be managable by the proprioters; Whereby they can adjust overall available bandwidth in each property to ensure a fair balance of broadband for every user.


The solution:

4G Broadband At Farm And Holiday LetsA single broadband connection to the EE network which would be shared across all 4 properties.


To successfully provide this solution a MikroTik branded 4G antenna was mounted to the highest building on the property (an open-sided barn a little up the main access route, where a minimal line of sight was available. The connection speed at this point is ~35Mbps download and 18Mbps upload.


Cabling for the antenna was run discreetly along the roofing structure of the barn to a nearby power supply.

A wireless transmitter was routed from the antenna to an exterior wall with a line-of-site to the proprioter's dwelling and to the holiday properties.

A wireless receiver was then installed externally on the receiving properties with cabling routed to internal router(s).

For the owner's property this was a suitable termination point as the router would provide adequate WiFi across the property and ethernet ports from the router's location within the home-office.

In the holiday properties, the connection was connected to a previously installed Ubiquiti network, allowing for the new broadband to provide internet to all guests without any need to change network name(s) or password(s).


Sharing the connection:

A PoE loop is available at the antenna, which provides power for a WiFi bridge transmitter. This will transmit a share of the broadband connection to 2 receivers – One on the main property and one on the holiday properties.


In order to manage the connection speed the owner has access to both the antenna's bandwidth management tools and the holiday let network where speeds can be capped and adjusted as required in order to easily manage bandwidth across the site.

The available 4G broadband speeds through the EE network means that the customer now only has 1 monthly bill, signifincantly reducing the cost of broadband while seeing a 3-fold speed increase on their available download, and a massive increase on upload speeds.


As a result the propriator can now encourage new guests to the holiday properties with the added incentive of the ability for guests to "work-from-home" at the property(s) should they so need.

Previously, via the landline internet connection, the slow speeds had meant that video conferencing, Wi-Fi calling and other demanding activities would have buffered, cut off and generally been difficult and unreliable.


By utilising the EE network the customer also has the reassurance of a service provisioned by a trusted and reliable national brand.

The cost:

The cost of this installation was covered by the Access Broadband Cymru grant scheme.


Surrounding Properties

Since completing this installation Pembrokeshire PC have installed a similar system for a neighboring holiday let business and are in discussions with a third holiday let business nearby who are also keen to get a similar setup installed for themselves and their guests.

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