4G Broadband Case Study: September 2020

Broadband provisioning to farm in Carmarthenshire, West Wales and 3 holiday properties on the same site (4 properties in total).

The problem:

Telephone-line provisioned broadband would reach maximum speeds of less than 4Mbps.

Alternative broadband installed previously by a third-party via 4 separate connections had an average speed at each dwelling of circa 8Mbps. These connections had all failed (speeds of 0Mbps) and the third party provider was not responding to the customer's communication attempts.


The brief:

Install a broadband connection to each dwelling which provides a fast and stable internet connection all day every day.

Keep cost down! The previous 3rd party installation had been supplied and paid for using the Access Broadband Cymru “Better Broadband” grant scheme. As this scheme had already been utilised by the customer it cannot be redeemed for a second time, so the customer would be obligated to pay for the new installation.


The solution:

4G Broadband At Farm And Holiday LetsA single broadband connection to the Vodafone network which would be shared across all 4 properties.


To successfully provide this solution a MikroTik branded 4G antenna was mounted to the customer’s residence with a clear line of site to the provisioning mast which is situated some distance from the property. The connection speed at the antenna is 68Mbps d/l with a ping-speed of 10ms (excellent connection).


The antenna is powered using PoE (Power Over Ethernet), allowing for only one cable to be routed around the property, from the external antenna to the internal router.


With the internal router connected and the antenna and router configured, the customer now has a broadband connection within their own property with a consistant speed of circa 60Mbps.


Sharing the connection:

A PoE loop is available at the antenna, which provides power for a WiFi bridge transmitter. This will transmit a share of the broadband connection to 3 receivers – One on each of the holiday let properties.


The 3 holiday let properties are approximately 25 meters from the customer’s dwelling, and each property will be equipped with one Wi-Fi bridge receiver.


A cable is then routed from within the holiday let property to the associated receiver to provide power to the receiver and take the data signal from the receiver to an internally mounted router.


Each property has a router configured and installed internally in a suitable location and is connected to the receiver in order to achieve broadband.


As a result of the wireless break in the broadband connection between the customer’s property and the holiday lets, there is a small amount of drop-off in speed, with each holiday let able to achieve maximum of 45Mbps.

With all 4 properties now connected to the broadband there is a requirement to configure the system to maximise the total download speed which each holiday let can achieve, in order to ensure all properties have a fair, high speed connection while no property can use so much that the other properties speeds are impacted.


Each holiday let is configured with a maximum download speed of 10Mbps, allowing the owner’s property to enjoy a consistent broadband speed of 20-25Mbps d/l without the risk of local disruption.


The result is that the owner’s property has a minimum download speed of 20Mbps and an upper limit of 65Mpbs.


When all holiday lets are occupied with the broadband in use, no party has a slower speed than 10Mbps.


Each holiday let’s broadband connection has a speed which allows streaming, video conferencing and other highly demanding services, as well as fast browsing, downloading and gaming.


By utilising the Vodafone network the customer also has the reassurance of a service provisioned by a trusted and reliable national brand.

The cost:

The total installation cost (including equipment and installation) was less than £800, with a monthly charge for Unlimited Data (no speed or data caps) of £32.00.

The pricing was less than the cost of a single installation quoted by 3 other providers, and the monthly costs was reduced by over £80 (the customer was paying the previous provider over £120.00 per month), achieved by combining the connection from the 4 properties via 1 single antenna.

Customer feedback:

"We couldn't be happier. I wish we'd gone to Pembrokeshire PC in the first place. With monthly costs so much lower we are saving a huge amount each month. And if we'd chosen Pembrokeshire PC when we got the grant we would have paid nothing for the whole system."


Real Quality Multiplies

Since completing this installation in September 2020 we have been back to install CCTV for the customer who is over the moon with their easy-to-use security system. We have also installed broadband for 2 neighbouring properties and 3 other nearby properties have applications pending for their 4G broadband from Pembrokeshire PC.

Looking for better, faster broadband at your property? Choose 4G internet from Pembrokeshire PC.